Friday, December 26, 2014

Memebox unboxing: Lucky Box #12

I purchased the memebox Luckybox #12 with express shipping as a Christmas present for myself.

Lucky boxes are a great way to catch great items you missed that were in previous memeboxes.

Usually I like to use the products for a few before I review them, but I thought I'd get this post up as quick as I could to share it with you all.
What did Memebox Santa bring? Was I naughty or nice?!

1. Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharger Essence ( full size 55ml $18)
2. Langsre Rose Berry 70 Sleeping Pack (full size 50 ml $30)
3. Pureplus+ Lip Treatment (full size 10g $9)
4. RiRe Pigment (full size 2.5g $12)
5. Pisteo Bright & Pure C Serum (7ml $25)
6. Tonymoly BCDation All Master SPF 30 PA++ (20g $9.60)

I am very pleased with the contents of this box! It was exactly what I was hoping for: a good Korean Beauty deluxe beginner pack.
If I were a longtime memebox buyer I might be a little unwowed- but I'm new to the game and there isn't a unusable product in the box! So I'm pleased, as I really want to beef up my evening skincare routine and my wish was granted.

The simple nitty gritty:

1. Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharger Essence ( full size 55ml $18)

A vitamin recharging, tone brightening essence that enriches dull, dehydrated skin with 6 different vitamins, lemon extracts, orange extracts, grapefruit extracts, lime extracts, and niacinamide.
Apply to face after toning, pat in for full absorbance.

2. Langsre Rose Berry 70 Sleeping Pack (full size 50 ml $30)

A deeply hydrating sleeping pack formulated with rose water and real rose petals. It will revive the dewy, brightened complexion within you overnight by delivering rich nutrients and moisture deep down into the skin.
Really rich rose petal scent. I love it, but be aware if you're sensitive. This pack felt really really great on my face. It instantly recharged me and I felt like I was swimming in a cool stream in a rose garden. Ahh. This stuff is packed with real rose petalsI for see this being used often with great results.

3. Pureplus+ Lip Treatment (full size 10g $9) randomly selected I got the Honey Bee

A lip treatment proven to replenish, nourish, and plump dry, chapped lips. It is formulated from a high concentration of ultra nourishing top quality collagen which penetrates the skin to fill in wrinkles and plump the lips.
This worked great! My lips definitely plumped right up with shiny moisture. Not much of a taste, which is a plus for me, and a bit of a slight sweet peppermint scent.

4. RiRe Pigment (full size 2.5g $12)

(Color randomly selected I think I got Peach?)
Add instant color sophistication and light catching shimmer to any makeup look by layering this on top of contrasting eye-shadow color for multidimensional effect, or alone for a shimmering elegance.
Oh I've seen swatches of this from previous memeboxes and I'm excited to play with this!

5. Pisteo Bright & Pure C Serum (7ml $25- full size comes with 4 7ml jars for $100)

Made up of pure Vitamin C concentrate s, this tiny bottle of nutrients will replenish moisture balance, firm up fine wrinkles, and brighten overall complexion with continuous application.
Squeeze out small amount and massage into clean skin.

6. Tonymoly BCDation All Master SPF 30 PA++ (20g $9.60) (full size 50g $24)

Tonymoly's all new BCDation marks a breakthrough in the world of BB creams, CC creams, and foundations by combining all 3 in one smart multiplayer the offers all the benefits of its predecessors.
Can be layered for more coverage.
I've been interested to try this out. The color is a match, but I'm concerned it might be on the edge of being too heavy for my liking. I'll give it a go!

In conclusion, with all the vitamin c in this box I will be safe from scurvy!
But seriously, vitamin C is great for your skin- See here for more info.

This box is going to be adopted into my routine immediately and I'm glad to have it!
Wanna learn more about Memebox? Do you want to get on these mystery boxes packed with Korean skincare and cosmetics? They currently have some great specials going on in both their Global and US stores.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Birchbox December 2014

Merry Christmas!
I've been a Birchbox subscriber since September and I haven't regretted it for a moment.

If you don't know about Birchbox here's a run down for you:

Birchbox is a beauty sampling subscription box begun by women for women. Every month you receive a box full of at least 5 deluxe beauty samples for $10. You have the opportunity to review each product for 10 pts a piece. Every 100 points earned = $10 to redeem on their website.

I love their points system & I love the products they carry!

They really focus on showcasing quality established and upcoming cosmetic brands with heart. I used to live in New York and miss visiting boutiques, but Birchbox carries many small NYC based brands online and its so awesome that I can sample and purchase their products.

They're very good at informing consumers about the ingredients used and I've found a lot of great natural skin care in their shop.

Their customer service is top notch! I can't reccomend them enough.
Click here to learn more about Birchbox

On to the good stuff! What did I get in December?

Well, first off I got a beautiful blue box. 
Inside was a coupon for $10 off any purchase at the Gap. Nice.

I'll list the products I received in the order I most liked to least. I liked everything to some extent. The first 3 runners up are practically tied for 1st place!

#1. Coola Tinted Matte for Face 
This was surprising as I was the least excited to receive this. It has an awesome texture that I didn't anticipate for such a natural product. It has the slightest tint and my skin feels like its still naked when I wear it, just what I prefer.
#2. Real Chemistry Luminous 3-minute Peel
Another shocker! An acid free facial peel... Very gentile and effective. And fun to use!
#3. Tocca Cream de Mano in Cleopatra
Birchbox is responsible for my new appreciation for Tocca fragrances. Very beautiful and floral and fresh. This grapefruit cucumber scent does not disappoint!
#4. English Laundry in Signature for Her
A nice scent. Powdery, floral. Nothing overwhelmingly good or bad. I'll stick it in my purse for rainydays.
#5. Lord & Berry Glitter Eye Pencil- black
The only item this month I won't be using regularly. Its a bit hard, and I'm not a big glitter user.

What did you get this month? Any favorites or disappointments?

Review of A;T Fox Gyoolpy Tea moisturizing gel cream

Looking for an effective moisturizer that will look cute on your makeup table?
I was!
I purchased the A;t Fox Gyoolpy Tea Moisturizing Gel Cream from the Memebox US shop for $14. I bought it as a Christmas gift but I had to try it for myself before I gave it away...!

So let's learn a bit about the product...
A deeply moisturizing gel cream that functions as both a facial toner & lotion.
Formulated with tangerine peel cultivated on Korea's Jeju Island, renowned for its ability to enhance circulation and aid in decreasing fine lines caused by stress.

-Tangerine peel is rich in vitamin C, which provides bright, dazzling skin when gently rubbed in.
- Its rich moisture is deeply absorbed into the skin to keep it moist and vivid.
- Its texture overflows with moisture, which is absorbed into dull skin to cultivate light skin.

My thoughts:
First, to be honest I purchased this based on its cupcake packaging. I thought it would be a more enticing way to introduce my little sister to Korean cosmetics.

The cream itself I found to be slightly disappointing. With the name 'gyoolpy tea' I expected a fresh citrusy herbal smell. However it has a rather chemical scent. Not horrid, just not what I anticipated.

I also prefer a creamier lotion - gels don't appeal to me, but again, its not for me.
It lives up to its hydrating claim. It doesn't absorb at lightning speed- it takes a minute with a slight stickiness.

Overall, I think it will be a good gift to give as an intro to a K-beauty beginner. For myself? Not as interested.

Pure Luxury: Geumsul Oriental Facial Mask.

This hydrosoluble gel mask product revitalizes the skin and boosts hydration. It is rich in nutrients, which include pure gold, wild ginseng, and deer antlers extracts. The mask is highly enriched for a golden skin, relaxation, as well as moisturizing.

I purchased a 5 pack of these Geumsul facial masks from the Memebox US shop. Its currently on sale for $25. You can find it HERE.
I was intrigued by the beneficial ingredients this product is practically exploding with:
Gold Dust
Purified Water
Butylene Glycol
Ginger Extract
Honey Extract
Wheat Flour Extract
Wild Ginseng Extracts
Deer Antler Extract
Ganoderma Extract
Poria Cocos Extract
Sesame Oil

WOW! I jumped all over it! But how effective is it?
First, clean and tone your face and apply the two piece mask. Its a hydrogel mask and it fit like a glove. As it warms with your body temperature it hugs and forms to your face and the heat helps the essence absorb into your skin.
The mask has gold flecks in it and is pretty beautiful in itself.
Lay back and relax for 20-40 minutes and let all that goodness soak in... Aaahh... It is so soothing and cooling and I could feel  my skins circulation improving. I dreaded having to take it off! Afterwards pat in the remaining essence.

Holy cow! My face was so plump and firm and I swear it was glowing from the gold. Hands down my favorite sheet mask I've ever used. I feel myself fiending for more just thinking about it. I bought the set to give out as Christmas gifts but I'm changing that plan and scrooging these away for myself.

Have you used this mask? What did you think? Whats your favorite sheet mask? Are you interested in trying this mask or other Korean beauty products?
Click here to find them!

Review of Memebox "Dirty Gal"

It's here! The box that convinced me to start buying memeboxes: "Dirty Gal".

" Say bye-bye to Miss Clean Freak and unleash your inner dirty girl with this box- bursting with so-called 'dirty' but oh-so-fun ingredients! Join in on this hot mess because it's all about dirty fun, fun, fun in this box! "
Weird + dirty? Right up my alley! I bought it immediately.
This box cost $32 with $6.99 shipping from Korea.
See more about Memebox HERE

So let's get started and see what's in the box...

All full sized products:
Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cream B&Soap Mamie Blue Mask
Esthetic House Mayo Pack
Pure Smile Muddy Girl x2
Cleomee Natural Donkey Oil

1. Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cream (50g $46)
A rich intensive repair and restore cream formulated with snail mucin. Snail mucin is renowned for its regenerative and revitalizing properties- this potent cream supports natural cell regeneration to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, and it is super concentated to replenish moisture and maximize skin elasticity and firmness.
To use: apply all over clean face morning and night.

This cream has the coolest texture!  Its so stringy and moist. I've been using this at night as my final moisturizer and its got such a great protective finish. I've noticed that if I don't give it time to sink in it will start to rub off if I touch it too much. I really like this lotion and I will keep you updated on the results!

2. B&Soap Mamie Blue (130g $29)
A terrifically energizing 'smurf facial mask', this blue paste will help clear away dead, tired skin cells while literally vacuuming up all impurities. Infused with peppermint, evening primrose oil and more this mask is excellent for all sin types and ages.
To use: spread thick layer over clean face. Wait 10-15 mins until mask dries. Rinse with warm water.

I've used this mask once so far. It was a bit dry so I added water. It smells great, I felt like I had mint chocolate ice cream on my face! As a mask it was pretty middle of the road- a decent mud mask. What I liked most was the intense cyan color. I felt that it really optically toned downed any redness in my face after washing it off.

3. Esthetic House Mayo Pack (120 ml $12)
Inspired by the amazing diy mayo home remedy, this easy to use hair mask gives you the shine and strength of the egg + oil condiment with out the smell and stickiness.
To use: apply to towel dry clean hair. Leave on 3 mins and wash out with warm water.

Nice! I love using mayo on my hair, but the smell is hard to deal with as I don't even like eating it. This hair mask is packed with proteins. I used it as a post-hair dye conditioner and it really did the trick! I left it on for 5 mins after dying my hair and I really noticed the results. Shiny, smooth, and stronger! Excellent.

4. Pure Smile Muddy Girl (15ml $2)
I received the mud & kaolin masks. This wash off mud pack works to soothe, purify and moisturize skin.
To use: apply mud pack to clean face, wait for 10- 15 mins and rinse with warm water.

I will be saving these convenient travel sized mud masks for trips!

5. Cleomee Natural Donkey Oil (80 ml $83)
A gentile and nourishing blend of natural EGF donkey oil, olive oil, annatto oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and macadamia oil. Delivers rich nutrition and replenishment deep down into skin. Free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial coloring, benzophenone, and mineral oil.
To use: massage oil over clean face and body.

My favorite item in the box, hands down!!
I'm a sucker for weird beauty products, so unlike a lot of others who received this box I opened this first! I am SUPER impressed with the amount and quality of the oils in this baby, all of them are wonderful for your skin. Donkey oil is traditionally renowned in many cultures for being a miracle skin recovery agent. I was excited to try it. On application it is like liquid gold! Its so silky and sinks in so fast. It also has a very pleasant scent- fresh and powdery. I've been using this on my face and hands everyday since receiving the box. I'm in love.
In conclusion, I really love this box. Everything is practical yet unique. Just my style. Thanks memebox!!

My product rankings:
1. Donkey Oil
2. Dr. MJ Snail cream
3. Mayo pack
4&5. Mamie blue & Muddy Girl masks

Click here for specials, and $3 off when you sign up today.


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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lady's First Memebox: a Review of K-Style 3

Hello! Welcome to my first adventure in the world of lady stuff.
I finally joined the club known as Memebox... Here is a little bit about them in their own words:


Memebox is the #1 beauty e-commerce dedicated to bringing you the best of K-beauty. 
Many of our products are sourced, packaged, and shipped directly from Korea straight to your doorstep. We are based in San Francisco, where we ship products to USA customers directly from our warehouse.

MEMEBOX: purchase one-at-a-time mystery boxes full of exclusive Korean beauty products.

I am very excited to start receiving some boxes from them! I am a big fan of using strange and unique natural ingredients for everything, especially beauty stuff, so getting a few boxes from Korea will help fatten up my collection. What really caught my eye when I started were the Dirty Gal and Cleopatra boxes (I love luxurious and dirty skin care) so I ordered those first. I'm still waiting for those to arrive. I also ordered the box I will review today: K- Style #3.

This box was ordered during a recent restock they had of previously released boxes. I paid $23 + $6.99 shipping.

To be honest, I bought this box because I was waiting for my first boxes to be shipped and I'm impatient. I chose this box for a few items ( strobe & bb cream) but I ended up really liking a lot of the items! Let's get started...

K-Style 3 

(KPOP Idol starter kit)


#1: Secret Kiss Face Fit Strobe Cream ($11)

I wanted this because of how impressive the ingredients were. Yes please, I would like a face full of fruits and jewels!!

My verdict: Not one bit disappointed. I am not a very glittery lady so I was a bit concerned, but this cream is very moisturizing and has a very nice natural color and sheen. I love it! I've been wearing it everyday. 

#2. Vella Flower Flower BB ($26) 

Still using heavy BB Creams? Take this chance to experience this lightweight BB Cream loaded with chamomile extract to perfect your complexion!

KEY INGREDIENTS: shea butter, orange extract, banana extract, pear extract, apple extract, grape extract, amethyst powder, pearl powder, ruby powder.

Verdict: I was also looking forward to this product. The combo of lightweight + chamomile extract was appealing. I don't dislike it, it just isn't as moisturizing and lightweight as I thought. It mixes perfectly with the strobe cream and the color is great for my skin. It has great coverage and does its job!
I'll take it.

#3. Tonymoly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow pen ($8)

Oh! I need this. I have sparse eyebrows and no patience! I hate having to do my eyebrows everyday and I hate the fact that I can't even halfass them because I end up looking like a crazy person. I'm also not a fan of the ultra arched painted brows that you can't avoid seeing in every makeup tutorial. So will this product help me be low maintenance, or will it make me look like a day old drag queen?

Verdict: aha! I have been looking for you all my life, pen! It has a very fine flexible tip, it is perfectly wettened and not too dark! As for the 7 day claim? I'd say it gives me one great day, the second day is OK, the third day I have to reapply but I can still see it. That is after 2 face washes and a shower. Perfect for a lazy brow lady like myself. I love how easy it is to apply as light or as dark as needed.

#4. Style Y Soft Fix Mix and Match pencil and Powder Shadow ($9)

I got the shimmery brown and peach combo. This is a great little duo. I had intended to gift the rest of these cosmetic items to my sister, but I'm keeping this one! I really love this color combo and I've never thought to buying these colors before but they really look great with my skin+eye color. Plus I really like the convenience of the double ended packaging.
Verdict: yes!

#5.Style Y Color Fit Creamy Lip & Cheek ($13)

A whipped lip and cheek color with a nice soft matte finish and texture. Don't be alarmed by the color! It swatches bright but its really nice and soft when blended. It smells like jasmine tea, and is very smooth and powdery, but not at all drying. It stays on very nicely. I don't use cheek tint but I'll use it on my lips. Verdict: surprisingly happy with this lip tint.

#6. Color World Jewelish Stick Shadow in Starship Violet ($13)

Nice creamy application and tons of sparkle in a nice purple shade. Very nice, but not really my style. My original plan was to use half of this box to gift my sister for Christmas... But I think this is the only item that will make it to her!
Verdict: I'll gift this with confidence.

My final thoughts:

I joined the memebox party for unique skincare products but I'm very happy I grabbed this box full of makeup! I will use everything on a regular basis and  I have no regrets. 

If you're interested in ordering a box they have a ton of different themed boxes they release periodically. You can also buy full size products on both their Global and US based online stores.

Memebox's 12 Days of Christmas Promotion going on now! Visit MEMEBOX website for details!


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