Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review: Memebox OMG 4

Memebox "OMG 4"

Theme: Korean beauty products with unusual ingredients & uses.

Purchased from Memebox.com

What's in the box?

#1. Nadu Skin "The First Love Pack

A His & Hers sheet mask set, for use on the "love organs".
Designed to hydrate and nourish the under-cared for uundercarriage in the same way you'd use a facial sheet mask.

The women's mask was actually a refreshing treat! It was shaped like a panty liner which is essentially how you use it. It contained pomegranate and other nutrients for 20 minutes of a unique and hydrating experience.

My boyfriend hasn't volunteered for the male experience. It is basically a penis glove, soaked in essence. If I had the part I'd try it in a second.

#2. Pureplus+ "Cocoon Returning Toner"

An exciting concept: Silkworm cocoons + witch hazel + B vitamins. However, one glance at the ingredient list and I was bummed.

Way too much unwanted synthetics, alcohol, fragrance, etc. I prefer simple, natural toners. My skin doesn't benefit from all that hexawhatnot.
Regardless, I tried it. Because cocoons.
First, the scent- witch hazel is hard to mask. Its not the greatest smell, but trying to mask it with fragrance isn't a good idea. Its overpowering and unnecessary.
Its a liquid, not a gel, but its strangely thicker than water. As a toner it wasn't satisfying. I saw/felt no results, and almost felt as if I needed to wash it off. My face broke out later, however I haven't pinpointed if the toner or the abalone cream was the cause.

#3. Abalone "Crystal Double EX Cream"

The star of the show! The reason for buying the box!
Fermented Abalone, Black Bean Extract & Watermelon Extract for my face! Abalone is claimed to be a wonder cure for it all- wrinkles, dryness, redness, dullness, etc. Its naturally packed with minerals and nutrients.
The cream is luxuriously thick. It has a subtle generic skin care scent, and it takes a minute to sink into my skin- leaving a very faint iridescence.
As I mentioned before, it may or may not have caused me to break out. Once I clear up I will try it again on its own. Fingers crossed!

#4. Shara Shara "Secret Magic Lipstick"

I got the green to pink option. In its lipstick form it appears 'green' (brown) and with the magic of temperature change it makes your lips pink. It isn't the highest quality, it left a waxy residue in the back of my throat. However, its a pretty color and it applied well.

#5. Dr.MJ Bounce Aqua Memory BB SPF 30 ++

I actually enjoy this BB in a jar concept. Its easier to control application. As a BB cream its pretty good. Moderate coverage, good blending, & great color for me. Its very thick and promises to hug your face. It hugged a little too well, I'll save it for the sweaty summer when I don't have dry flakes to hug.

#6. PureBess "Hot Styling Hair Fixer"

A neat little flyaway fixer for a sleek hair do. I proudly wear my curls and cowlicks quite messy, but I'll save this for special occasions. It works!
It has a fine toothed plastic comb that mimics a mascara wand. The formula is very interesting. Not a gel or wax as I expected, but a lightweight oil. pretty neat!

Overall this box was neither a huge win nor an epic fail. I will be using most of the items and I have no regrets!

Memebox is now USA only, sadly. They're moving in new directions, visit them at Memebox.com to see what changes they've made

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Egyptian Bathing Rituals: Cleopatra Memebox Review

Hello everyone, I  hope you had a great holiday season! I've been busy like the rest of you with all of the celebrations and haven't gotten a chance to post.

During all the festivities I have been enjoying my Cleopatra Memebox, and I've gotten the chance to use all the products multiple times... All the better for reviewing.

I'm obsessed with learning and experimenting with ancient beauty routines so I jumped at the chance to buy this box. How did it meet my expectations?! Let's get started.

MEMEBOX Special #74 Cleopatra

#1. Xaivita+ Goat Milk Whitening Cream
70 g: $70

Cleopatra's most famous beauty secret was bathing in donkey milk. This rich whitening cream contains 10,000ppm of real goat milk which helps moisture and nutrients absorb into your skin and also creates a protective barrier to prevent potential damage. High concentrates of vitamin A,B,E and lactic acid.

This was the star of the box! I really love this face cream. Its very rich and moisturizing and since using it for about a month I've really noticed my skin tone becoming more even and I swear almost translucent?! A+. Cleopatra was right!

#2. Cossu Body Ade- Rose 190ml $29

Rose seems to be the go-to for royal skincare routines. Its always mentioned with any fancy lady's beauty routine. Why?
It is great for smoothing and soothing skin, the sugars in rose petals help retain moisture, and rosewater can be used on its own to cleanse, it has a astringent effect and helps perfect pores.
The Cossu Body Ade contains 75% pure rose water, and the pump foams the product which can be used in multiple ways: body wash, shampoo, bubble bath, etc.
The bottle leaked a bit in transit. The pump also was a bit wonky until I fixed it (luckily!). I love roses so I enjoy the fresh rose water scent. I've been using it as a body wash and I enjoy it. Not mind blowing, but very nice.

3. WillSpa Touch Secret Touch for Woman 12 ml $35

I was very happy to get essential oils in this box, as they were a huge part of bathing in ancient times. Very smart choice!
I try to incorporate them in my own life for many purposes that I won't get into now.
This is a very luxurious blend of 100% natural oils including: frankincense, bergamot, ylang ylang, rose geranium, lavender, rose absolute, jojoba, patchouli.
It is a rollerball which is handy and the blend claims to be perfect for destressing and feeling like a lady. It has a very crisp top note- almost citrusy. The drydown base note is the frankincense and patchouli which I don't fancy as much, but I still use this on days I don't want to wear perfume.

4. Calmia Facial Cleanser Oatmeal Therapy Foam 150ml $10

A deep cleansing foam that contains an herbal blend of portulaca, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, basil, and houttuynia cordata.
A nice herbal smelling cleanser- it has a rich, thick almost silky texture.
It is very effective, but I wouldn't call it gentle. It isn't harsh but my face most definitely needs moisturizer after using this. I will probably save the rest of this for summer, since its seems more appropriate for hot humid weather.

5. Aromawiz Spa Bath Bomb Chocolate 150g $42

Uh $42? Is this bath bomb formed around a golden egg?
Its your typical bath bomb with a subtle chocolate scent. It was not the most exciting thing in the world. Not extremely bubbly, not a $42 experience. During the bath I was pretty meh about this bath bomb, but afterwards I noticed my skin was very soft and I smelled nice and chocolatey.

In conclusion, I am happy with how Memebox  curated the  Cleopatra theme.
My favorite product by far is the Xaivita+ Goat Milk Cream. Everything else falls into the "like" category, except for the Bath Bomb was pretty meh, especially for the price tag.