Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review of A;T Fox Gyoolpy Tea moisturizing gel cream

Looking for an effective moisturizer that will look cute on your makeup table?
I was!
I purchased the A;t Fox Gyoolpy Tea Moisturizing Gel Cream from the Memebox US shop for $14. I bought it as a Christmas gift but I had to try it for myself before I gave it away...!

So let's learn a bit about the product...
A deeply moisturizing gel cream that functions as both a facial toner & lotion.
Formulated with tangerine peel cultivated on Korea's Jeju Island, renowned for its ability to enhance circulation and aid in decreasing fine lines caused by stress.

-Tangerine peel is rich in vitamin C, which provides bright, dazzling skin when gently rubbed in.
- Its rich moisture is deeply absorbed into the skin to keep it moist and vivid.
- Its texture overflows with moisture, which is absorbed into dull skin to cultivate light skin.

My thoughts:
First, to be honest I purchased this based on its cupcake packaging. I thought it would be a more enticing way to introduce my little sister to Korean cosmetics.

The cream itself I found to be slightly disappointing. With the name 'gyoolpy tea' I expected a fresh citrusy herbal smell. However it has a rather chemical scent. Not horrid, just not what I anticipated.

I also prefer a creamier lotion - gels don't appeal to me, but again, its not for me.
It lives up to its hydrating claim. It doesn't absorb at lightning speed- it takes a minute with a slight stickiness.

Overall, I think it will be a good gift to give as an intro to a K-beauty beginner. For myself? Not as interested.

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