Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lady's First Memebox: a Review of K-Style 3

Hello! Welcome to my first adventure in the world of lady stuff.
I finally joined the club known as Memebox... Here is a little bit about them in their own words:


Memebox is the #1 beauty e-commerce dedicated to bringing you the best of K-beauty. 
Many of our products are sourced, packaged, and shipped directly from Korea straight to your doorstep. We are based in San Francisco, where we ship products to USA customers directly from our warehouse.

MEMEBOX: purchase one-at-a-time mystery boxes full of exclusive Korean beauty products.

I am very excited to start receiving some boxes from them! I am a big fan of using strange and unique natural ingredients for everything, especially beauty stuff, so getting a few boxes from Korea will help fatten up my collection. What really caught my eye when I started were the Dirty Gal and Cleopatra boxes (I love luxurious and dirty skin care) so I ordered those first. I'm still waiting for those to arrive. I also ordered the box I will review today: K- Style #3.

This box was ordered during a recent restock they had of previously released boxes. I paid $23 + $6.99 shipping.

To be honest, I bought this box because I was waiting for my first boxes to be shipped and I'm impatient. I chose this box for a few items ( strobe & bb cream) but I ended up really liking a lot of the items! Let's get started...

K-Style 3 

(KPOP Idol starter kit)


#1: Secret Kiss Face Fit Strobe Cream ($11)

I wanted this because of how impressive the ingredients were. Yes please, I would like a face full of fruits and jewels!!

My verdict: Not one bit disappointed. I am not a very glittery lady so I was a bit concerned, but this cream is very moisturizing and has a very nice natural color and sheen. I love it! I've been wearing it everyday. 

#2. Vella Flower Flower BB ($26) 

Still using heavy BB Creams? Take this chance to experience this lightweight BB Cream loaded with chamomile extract to perfect your complexion!

KEY INGREDIENTS: shea butter, orange extract, banana extract, pear extract, apple extract, grape extract, amethyst powder, pearl powder, ruby powder.

Verdict: I was also looking forward to this product. The combo of lightweight + chamomile extract was appealing. I don't dislike it, it just isn't as moisturizing and lightweight as I thought. It mixes perfectly with the strobe cream and the color is great for my skin. It has great coverage and does its job!
I'll take it.

#3. Tonymoly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow pen ($8)

Oh! I need this. I have sparse eyebrows and no patience! I hate having to do my eyebrows everyday and I hate the fact that I can't even halfass them because I end up looking like a crazy person. I'm also not a fan of the ultra arched painted brows that you can't avoid seeing in every makeup tutorial. So will this product help me be low maintenance, or will it make me look like a day old drag queen?

Verdict: aha! I have been looking for you all my life, pen! It has a very fine flexible tip, it is perfectly wettened and not too dark! As for the 7 day claim? I'd say it gives me one great day, the second day is OK, the third day I have to reapply but I can still see it. That is after 2 face washes and a shower. Perfect for a lazy brow lady like myself. I love how easy it is to apply as light or as dark as needed.

#4. Style Y Soft Fix Mix and Match pencil and Powder Shadow ($9)

I got the shimmery brown and peach combo. This is a great little duo. I had intended to gift the rest of these cosmetic items to my sister, but I'm keeping this one! I really love this color combo and I've never thought to buying these colors before but they really look great with my skin+eye color. Plus I really like the convenience of the double ended packaging.
Verdict: yes!

#5.Style Y Color Fit Creamy Lip & Cheek ($13)

A whipped lip and cheek color with a nice soft matte finish and texture. Don't be alarmed by the color! It swatches bright but its really nice and soft when blended. It smells like jasmine tea, and is very smooth and powdery, but not at all drying. It stays on very nicely. I don't use cheek tint but I'll use it on my lips. Verdict: surprisingly happy with this lip tint.

#6. Color World Jewelish Stick Shadow in Starship Violet ($13)

Nice creamy application and tons of sparkle in a nice purple shade. Very nice, but not really my style. My original plan was to use half of this box to gift my sister for Christmas... But I think this is the only item that will make it to her!
Verdict: I'll gift this with confidence.

My final thoughts:

I joined the memebox party for unique skincare products but I'm very happy I grabbed this box full of makeup! I will use everything on a regular basis and  I have no regrets. 

If you're interested in ordering a box they have a ton of different themed boxes they release periodically. You can also buy full size products on both their Global and US based online stores.

Memebox's 12 Days of Christmas Promotion going on now! Visit MEMEBOX website for details!


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